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Boys and Girls Overall Champion for ACJC’s Tenpin Bowling Team

Bowling-1.gifMany may see bowling as a simple game of rolling a ball down a lane, but what they do not realise is that bowling encompasses many skills, from considering the material of the ball to adjusting to the oil pattern on the lane.  It is only by taking into account all these factors that one is able to deliver the ideal shot, to get the strike or spare  consistently, frame after frame. 
This year, we attained our goal of securing both the Boys and Girls Overall School Championship trophy in the 20th National Schools ‘A’ Division Tenpin Bowling Championship 2013 held from 23rd to 30th of April. It has been a long 13 years since both trophies were won by ACJC and this achievement is something that we are proud of achieving.
Training close to 100 hours prior to the competition was physically and emotionally demanding for us but the spirit, cohesiveness and synergy of the team spurred each bowler to reach greater heights. Throughout the 4 days of competition, we fought with passion and tenacity. Despite experiencing some difficulties, the unwavering support from one and all kept us going strong till the very end.

Overall Results

Boys Singles

Marcus Chan (2SB4) - 1st
Ryan Foo (1SC6) - 3rd

Boys Doubles

Marcus Chan(2SB4) & Anders Khoo (2SB6) - 2nd

Boys Quartet

Marcus Chan (2SB4), Anders Khoo (2SB6), Logeswaran Elagovan (1SD4) & Ryan Foo (1SC6) - 2nd 
Glendon Gan (2SB7), Daryl Tng (2SB7), Kelvin Lee (2SB4) & Freddy Low (2SB2) - 3rd

Boys All Event

Marcus Chan (2SB4) - 2nd
Ryan Foo (1SC6) - 3rd

Girls Singles

Lynette Ho(2SB4) - 1st
Rae-Marie Lee(1SB7) - 3rd

Girls Doubles

Lynette Ho (2SB4) & Yeo Jing Yi (1SB5) - 1st
Stacy Tan (1AA2) & Rae-Marie Lee (1SB7) - 2nd
Tracey Lin (1AD1) & Nicole Lau (1SC1) - 3rd

Girls Quartet

Lynette Ho (2SB4), Yeo Jing Yi (1SB5), Tracey Lin (1AD1) & Nicole Lau (1SC1) - 1st
Stacy Tan (1AA2), Rae-Marie Lee (1SB7), Joanne Leong (2SD2) & Rachel Tan (1SB6) - 3rd

Girls All Event

Yeo Jing Yi (1SB5) – 1st
Lynette Ho (2SB4) – 3rd

In addition, 4 of our bowlers qualified for the Masters event and went on to attain excellent results. Lynette Ho (2SB4) and Ryan Foo (1SC6) won 1st and 3rd respectively.


On a final note, we would like to thank  our Principal, Vice-Principals, Mdm Esther Leow, Mr Koo Guowen, Ms Koh Bei Lin, Mdm Nur Jamilah, Coach Billy, Aunt Rosalind, teachers,  parents and friends  and most importantly, God for truly blessing us. To God be the glory, the best is truly yet to be. 
Freddy Low (2SB2)