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ACJC emerges as Prometheus Cup Champions

From the 22nd to 26th November 2013, the ACJC Debate Team participated in the second edition of the Prometheus Cup. This premier international debating competition is held biennially, and was first organized by the Raffles Debate Academy in 2011. After five days of gruelling competition, Team AC took home the covetted Prometheus Cup, outcompeting teams from Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, the UAE, and the USA.

The team comprising of Abigail Wong (1AD1), Aloysius Chan (1AD2), Low Eening (1AD3), Lai Shueh Chien (1AH), and led by Vice-Captain Annette Yeo (1AD4), debated a range of challenging motions in the preliminary rounds, from whether developed nations should accept more refugees, to whether permanent members of the United Nations Security Council should have the veto power to whether the Euro should be abolished. The team fought hard, winning six out of eight preliminary rounds, ousting teams from Australia, Canada, China, and the UAE, in the process. 

The team broke second to qualify for the knock-out rounds and beat local teams Raffles Institution and Nanyang Girls’ High School in the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals respectively, before facing off against Team Canada Red in the finals. In the final match, the team proposed the motion that US military and diplomatic involvement in the Middle East has done more harm than good. The AC flag flew high after the team fought hard and defeated their opponents to take home the Prometheus Cup 2013. Moreover, the team also performed admirably individually: Low Eening was the overall 6th best speaker, Aloysius Chan the 8th best speaker, and Annette Yeo the 19th best speaker in the competition. Competing as a member of the National Team, Samuel Wittberger (1AH), Captain of the ACJC Debate Team, was also crowned the overall best speaker of the tournament.

The team would like to thank our coach, Mr Samuel Myat San as well as our teachers, Mr Kumuthan Martheya, Mr Felix Poon, and Mrs Sylvia Kow. Without their continuous support and guidance throughout the tournament, none of this would have been made possible. Additionally we are grateful to the school for giving us the opportunity to experience the different debating styles and cultures from around the world. Lastly, we thank God for His Grace and Blessings, seeing us through the entire tournament. 
To God be the glory, the best is yet to be.
Annette Yeo (1AD4), 
ACJC Debate Team