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ACJC Debaters Live on 938

This term, 5 ACJC Students were heard live on 938 Live.

Firstly, 4 ACJC debaters went to 938 LIVE studios to debate live on air. The issue  was about graciousness and whether Singaporeans were less gracious than they were 10 years ago, in light of how the graciousness index has fallen by 8 points in the past decade. The debaters involved were Jessica Nagulendran, Lai Shueh Chien, Samuel Wittberger (all 1AH) and Ian Mak (2AD3). In what was a 2vs2 debate, ideas generated in the exchange ranged from whether or not the Internet has helped or harmed graciousness and whether youths in Singapore still respected the elderly. Following that, the debaters discussed issues regarding graciousness raised by listeners of the show such as how competition and the increase in foreign workers might have affected Singaporean graciousness.

In a similar outing  a week later Rabin Kok from 2AH as part of the Singapore National debate team once again did the college proud on the airwaves. This time the debate was on admission to university and whether or not it should be solely based on grades. The discussion was lively and though provoking.

We would like to thank 938 Live and Mr Daniel Martin, our host, for the unique opportunity to debate about very relevant issues in Singapore  live on radio and their hospitality while we were at their studios. We would also like to thank our teachers and coaches for their unstinting support and guidance. To God Be the Glory, for the Best Is Yet To Be! 
Ian Mak 
President, ACJC Oratorical and Debating Society