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ACJC Celebrates President's Scholar !

President Scholar.jpg
Joshua Jesudason at the President's Scholarship Ceremony with President Tony Tan, Mrs Tan, Mrs Kelvyna Chan, Principal ACJC, Mr Victor Owyong, Principal FMSS
ACJC is proud to announce that Joshua Ebenezer Jesudason (Class of 2012), has been awarded the President's Scholarship, the pinnacle scholarship for public service in Singapore. Joshua truly exemplifies the College's vision of Noble Ambition and Character, for the Service of God and Nation. 
Joshua joined the College in 2011 through Direct School Admissions into the Oratorical and Debating Society from Fairfield Methodist Secondary School. Joshua’s early years, until the age of 8, were spent in Papua New Guinea, where his parents were missionaries, and he has imbibed a spirit of service to God and the community.

President Scholar-1.jpg
Joshua with President Tony Tan, Mrs Tan, and his parents Mr and Mrs Jesudason
As Captain of the college Debate Team, he led his team to win multiple local and international debate competitions, such as the Bratislava Schools Debating Championships in 2011 and 2012, the Harry-Elias National Law Debates 2012, the Singapore Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Debates 2012, the Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations - National University of Singapore Challenge Shield 2012, and the Singapore Council of Women’s Organizations - National University of Singapore Challenge Shield 2012. He is an excellent public speaker. One striking example was his address to his cohort as Valedictorian, which was moving and inspiring. It will be remembered as one of the best valedictory speeches of the college.
President Scholar-2.jpg
Joshua with Mrs Chan and Mr Richard Seow, Chairman, ACS Board of Governors
Therefore, in less than two years, Joshua rose to prominence to become one of the most outstanding students in the college. Besides being a Ministry of Education’s English Language Elective Scholar, he was on the Principal’s Honour Roll in 2012, the Valedictorian for the Class of 2012, the Wan Fook Weng Prize Winner for Top First Year Performance 2011, and the Top Student in History and Knowledge & Inquiry for the 2011 Promotional Examinations. A member of the college’s Scholar Development Programme, he has been a mainstay on the List of Top Students for every major examination throughout his two years. Joshua will be entering Balliol College, Oxford, in September to read History and Politics.

President Scholar-3.jpg
Joshua with Mrs Chan and his debate coach and mentor, Mrs Geetha Creffield
Joshua has remained humble in spite of his achievements, and has a well-deserved reputation for kindness and generosity. He is known among staff and students for his willingness to learn from others and to share his ideas freely. He has served as a mentor in both a formal capacity in his role as Debate Captain, and informally among members of his own cohort and his juniors. 
The College would like to congratulate Joshua and his family, as well as all the teachers and friends who have been a part of his journey at ACJC. The College also wishes him all the best in his studies.
To God be the Glory! The Best is Yet to Be !