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AC Netballers


The AC Netballers started our preparations to bring home the gold in 2013 as early as November 2012, and as the A Division competition season approached, training duration and intensity escalated exponentially. Despite our aching muscles, we continued to persevere, training with passion and discipline. We took each training session and game as an opportunity to practice and sharpen our individual and team skills. We made significant progress as the season went on, and this propelled us to work even harder to achieve more than even we could have imagined. After overcoming RI in the quarterfinals with a score of 60-36, we defeated powerhouse SAJC 83-33 in the semifinals. This secured us a hard-earned spot in the finals against HCI. We fought tenaciously throughout the game, emerging victorious at the end with a final score of 63-36. We are proud to say that our hard work has paid off and the AC Netballers have defended the championship title for the 5th year in a row.
Of course, our achievements would not have been possible without our beloved Coach Mun, who always pushed us beyond our limits and believed in us even when we did not; Ms Tan, Ms Lim and Ms Eng, for always sacrificing their time even on weekends and public holidays to be with us at training; Aunty Ros and our seniors, for their never-ending encouragement; and the AC family, for their unwavering support through the years. Last but not least, we owe this achievement to our heavenly Father, who has seen us through both good and bad times, and the multitude of experiences we shared both on and off the court. This season, AC Netball did the college proud and are victorious once again ! 
To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet to Be.