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A*STAR Student Research Attachment Programme – Closing Ceremony on 1st March 2013

The A*STAR Student Research Attachment Programme (RAP) is jointly organised by A*STAR and MOE, to provide pre-university students with an opportunity to be immersed in the research project to gain insights into a specific area of science beyond the school curriculum at the A*STAR Research Institutes. 
In 2012, five students from ACJC who participated in the Young Researchers Attachment Programme (YRAP) and A*STAR-MOE Local Student attachment Programme (LSAP) successfully completed their research attachments from 19 November to 21 December 2012.
Keren Ann Henry (2SC1) who participated in LSAP was selected to be the emcee for the closing ceremony
"I have learnt that it is very important to have perseverance as a researcher. Even when things kept failing and the project seemed impossible, the researchers did not lose heart but searched for more and more new ways to try to solve the problem. It was very encouraging to see how they never gave up.”
Keren Ann Henry
From left to right: Nguyen Hong Van, Keren Ann Henry, Do Wey Hwang and Christopher Hendra
All of our ACJC participants of the YRAP programme, Christopher Hendra (2SA4), Do Wey Hwang (2SC1), Nguyen Hong Van (2SD2) and Vu Mai Phuong (2SA1), were selected to present their posters.
“The experience of carrying out actual research activities provided rare insights into the life of a researcher. The supervisors and mentors were very helpful, dedicating their time and effort into teaching students with relatively minimal research experience. On the other hand, the students were still given the opportunity to take charge of their own projects to stimulate their ability to explore the various possibilities in doing research. Most importantly, the students, via this opportunity, understand what it takes to be a researcher: sheer hard work, passion and a strong belief in the future of science.”
Nguyen Hong Van

Vu Mai Phuong and Do Wey Hwang will also be representing our college at the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2013