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Note from PAT Chair

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the 2023 school year!
This year will be another exciting and blessed journey for all of us as we finally return to normal in the post pandemic world. A warm welcome for our new J1 parents, as you journey with your child into the tertiary education arena with much anticipation; And for the returning J2 parents, it is the final year where our child will sit for his/her major exam at the end of the year. Regardless of where you are in this journey, you are not alone.
We are blessed in ACJC to have a wonderfully supportive and strong community of parents. Parents who passionately care about supporting their child, and who would work closely with the College to provide a holistic nurturing environment for our sons and daughters. We welcome you to be part of the ACJC's Parents' Action Team (PAT). This is where you can actively be part of a community that encourages each other, share experiences, and tap on our expertise to nurture our charges and contribute meaningfully in our children’s journey in ACJC. Our participation goes beyond supporting our children. It goes to supporting their friends, schoolmates and the larger group of students in the College. This being even more critical as our children go through a new year of readjusting to post pandemic adaptations as part of their social and educational journey. 
It  is through dedicated partnership with you that we can role model and create a place where our children can achieve their potential, remain assured of parental support and instil confidence to lead a fulfilling life. Join us on this meaningful journey by reaching out to us in the Committee, and we look forward to seeing you at one of our programmes this year!
With God’s blessings,
Parents Action Team Committee 2023