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Safety in ACJC

  • Establish and maintain a safe environment throughout the school.
  • Establish and maintain safe working procedures among staff and students.
  • Ensure the provision of sufficient information, instruction and supervision to enable all staff and students to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety
  • Ensure that all staff and pupils have access to safety training as and when required
  • Carry out established procedures for use in the event that an evacuation of the college premises is required or if a response to an intrusion into the college is required

Safety Framework in ACJC


School Safety Vision 

To show commitment in the integration and reinforcement of safety in the college so as to create a safe and secure environment.

School Safety Philosophy

To instil an Awareness and Consciousness of Safety in all staff and students, as well as a high level of preparedness, to ensure a constant state of readiness for any emergency.

Safety Communication 


Safety Practices

(1)   Road Safety
  • Through the deployment of guards
  • By the use of student marshals and teachers at designated points
  • By means of CCTV monitoring
  • Through communication via emails and assembly announcements
  • Through the work with external agencies such as the SPF

(2) Safety in Sports/CCAs
  • By means of ensuring all PE teachers and teacher representatives are trained in first aid
  • By appointment of coaches and instructors that are experts in their respective fields
  • Through briefings for coaches and instructors on the expectations of the college
  • By way of observation during practice from teacher IC’s
  • By being aware of the physical condition of the students

(3) Safety in the use of sports facilities
  • By way of anti-slip mats in the college pool
  • Warning signs placed around the facilities 
  • Through surveillance and lightning warning systems, for outdoor facilities 
  • Through instruction guides for use of gym equipment and coaches on hand who act as spotters
  • Safety netting to contain balls in play for all ball games

(4) Building  and Premise Safety
  • Use of non-slip markers on stairs
  • Through deployment of road humps around the college driveway
  • Checking of the health of trees regularly
  • Through means of security and CCTV surveillance
  • Checking of all facility areas monthly