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JC1 Orientation 2021


Dear Parent/Guardian,

On behalf of the College, we would like to warmly welcome your child/ward into our ACJC family. To facilitate the transition and assimilation into a brand-new post-secondary environment, the College will be organising ACJC JC1 Orientation 2021 to integrate your child/ward into our College.

Please take note of the following dates which your child/ward will be participating in the event:

Orientation Days


29 Jan 2021 (Fri)

8.20am – 4.20pm

1 Feb 2021 (Mon)

8.20am – 4:40pm

2 Feb 2021 (Tues)

8.40am – 4:40pm

The reporting time on 29 Jan (Friday) is 8.20am. Incoming JC1 students are reminded to bring their thermometers and face masks. If your child / ward unwell, he or she should see a doctor and not come to school.

The Orientation programme will involve a range of activities that will familiarise your child/ward with the academic and non-academic aspects of student life in ACJC. In view of the Covid-19 situation, we have taken into consideration the safety and well-being of your child/ward, and appropriate safe management measures (SMM) have been put in place. The measures include:

1.     Mask to be worn at all times (except for strenuous activities)

2.     Limit of 8 students per group for activities

3.     Classroom based morning assembly

We wish your child/ward a fruitful and meaningful time during JC1 Orientation 2021.