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Recent Achievements


From right to left: Pan Yu (2SA2, ACJC), her teammate from SAJC and Mdm Low Hwee Miang
Pan Yu from 2SA2 was selected to participate in Nanyang Research Programme (NRP) 2012, organised by Nanyang Technological University (NTU), in April 2012. She was mentored by Assistant Professor Nguyen Duc Quang from School of Humanities and Social Sciences in NTU to work on the research project titled “The Role of Recommender Systems in Online Commerce”. Together with her partner from St Andrew’s Junior College, they conducted a series of investigation and studies on e-commerce companies and buyers’ online-shopping trends. Her research was successfully completed in December 2012, and was presented to two assessors from NTU in the form of a 3,000 word research paper. Pan Yu did a poster presentation as well as an oral defence during the NRP Symposium on 15 March. 
For her excellent research project, Pan Yu received the Gold award for her project during the NRP award ceremony on 27 Apr. Pan Yu has brought great pride to the college and has set a very good role-model for the 11 JC1s from ACJC embarking on the NRP 2013 research programme.
Pan Yu would like to thank her supervisor,u Assistant Professor Nguyen Duc Quang (NTU), her teacher coordinator Mdm Low Hwee Miang and the HOD of Science Mrs Tan Pui Yee for their guidance.


On the evening of 9th May 2013, more than 200 students from ten Junior Colleges had the fun experience of being taught by the guru of their teachers, Associate Professor Bruce Lockhart. Prof Lockhart, who is a member of the Department of History at the National University of Singapore, was invited to ACJC as part of DIALOGIC: The ACJC Distinguished Guest Lectures in History Series. The talk focused on examining the validity of the geopolitical term ‘Southeast Asia’. 

Prof Lockhart, with his charisma and humor, took us through thousand years of history of the region now known as Southeast Asia. He enticed us with knowledge of the historical and cultural “fault lines” within the region, some of which still exist or have a lingering impact to this very day. With his expertise, Prof Lockhart guided us through the tough question “Does Southeast Asia exist?” He brought to the fore the reality of disunity leading to interstate conflicts in the region. Critically, he highlighted the great potential of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), if these differences can be overcome. These scars of the past impede trust between nations, undermine efforts to build sincere friendships, and stymie effective cooperation. The region’s history truly haunts us.

It is no exaggeration to say that the guest lecture was an eye-opening experience for us as it challenged our widely held beliefs, enriched us with new knowledge, and more importantly, encouraged us to ask the tough questions about why the past continues the plague the present.


By Le Huynh Khuong Duy, 1SC6 


Left to Right : Row 1: Vu Mai Phuong, Do Wey Hwang, Navin Kumar Subramanian; Row 2: Zhang Jia Heng, Lee Shi Jie, Wang Xiaoran, , Teo Kai Xiang
On 13 and 14 March 2013, Anglo-Chinese Junior College participated in the annual Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF), organized by Science Centre Singapore and supported by the Agency for Science and Technology Research (A*STAR) and the Ministry of Education. SSEF is Singapore’s largest science fair, a prestigious opportunity for students to exhibit the fruits of their research conducted over the past year. 
This year, four ACJC projects qualified for the finals of SSEF, out of a total of over 550 projects submitted nationwide. They include :
  • Do Wey Hwang (2SC2) for his project titled "Investigating the role of selected genes in human embryonic stem cell differentiation"
  • Navin Kumar Subramanian (2SB3), Lee Shi Jie (2SA5), Zhang Jia Heng (2SA7) for their project titled "Biomimetic Superhydrophobic Surfaces for Sport Apparel"
  • Teo Kai Xiang (2SB1), Wang Xiaoran (2SB1) for their project titled" Simple Compression Test Devices"
  • Vu Mai Phuong (2SA1) for her project titled "Personalized sensing assisted health risks assessment and prediction system"
To top it all, one of groups consisting of Navin Kumar Subramanian (2SB3), Lee Shi Jie (2SA5), Zhang Jia Heng (2SA7) won the Bronze award. They were then shortlisted for the A*STAR Talent Search (A*TS) competition which took place on the 22 March 2013. Out of the 60 over participants, our very own ACSian, Zhang Jia Heng (2SA7) emerged as a finalist in this competition. A total of eight finalists were selected and went through the final judging on 23 April 2013. ACJC is proud to say that Zhang Jia Heng achieved a Commendation award for his project. 
We would like to thank Mrs Tan-Lim Pui Yee, Mdm Low Hwee Miang, Mr James Choi, Mrs Yong-Tay Elaine,  and Mr Koo Guowen for their invaluable advice and guidance, as well as our research mentors from the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and the A*STAR for their kind mentorship, without which this would not have been possible. We also like to thank god for seeing us through the whole competition period.


The 54th National Schools Swimming Championships from the 16th to the 24th of April 2013 marked an eventful two weeks for the ACJC Swim team. The Championship results epitomized everything the team had trained for over the past year. After four arduous days of heats, and two exhilarating days of finals, the swimmers headed home triumphant, with the girls successfully defending their 2ndposition, and the boys achieving a respectable 3rd position.
Some highlights of the competition included remarkable performances by swimmers such as Meagan Lim, who broke the meet records for the Women’s 100m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke events, bagging two gold medals for Team ACJC; Daryl Ho, who brought home two gold medals for the Men’s 50m Freestyle and 100m Freestyle Events, and Oh Kar Yin who clinched a gold medal for the Women’s 50m Backstroke event. The team captain, Wang Yi Xiong also achieved outstanding results, finishing 2nd position for the men’s 50m Freestyle, as well as the 100m Freestyle events.


Finally, our swimmers did the College proud in the thrilling relay events, in which the girls finished in 2nd place for both the 200m Medley and Freestyle relays, swum by Oh Kar Yin, Christabel Chai, Meagan Lim and Sarah Dahlberg. The boys fought hard to take 2nd and 3rd place for the 200m Freestyle and Medley relays respectively, credited to a collective effort by Wang Yi Xiong, Daryl Ho, Ang Wan Loong, Gerald Chua, and Max Ang.


The months leading up to the School Nationals were nothing short of grueling. Intensive trainings daily left us mentally and physically spent, while strict dieting and physical conditioning put our discipline and endurance to the test. As the season drew nearer, our dedication was further proven as we began training even before school curriculum time commenced, for additional practice. However, we persevered and we emerged a stronger team.
With the conclusion of our season, we put away our goggles and caps for the time being, and prepare for another tough phase in our lives in ACJC. Our experience in the Swim Team has been a fulfilling one, and the priceless friendships and camaraderie we forged will stay with us for the rest of our lives. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our dedicated and passionate coaches, teachers, and friends for their unwavering support. 
To God be the glory, the best is yet to be!
Sean Chua Yan Chun
Training In-Charge, Swimming