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Outstanding Development Award for National Education

The College’s NE Programme, known as ‘Responsible and Active Citizenry Education’ (RACE), was conceptualised and regularly reviewed by school leaders and middle management. The College’s NE vision and action plan are consciously aligned to the school’s VMV and action plan, and consider internal and external scans as part of the ACJC Framework for All-Round Education. One of the school’s signature NE programmes is the RACE syllabus conducted during curriculum time. The RACE syllabus works on the basis that a citizen's sense of identity starts from a micro to a macro level. As such, the syllabus consists of themes, which are progressive from Year One to Year Two, based on 'My College', 'My Community', 'My Singapore' and finally, 'My World'. Together with class teachers, trained student NE and CIP representatives are empowered to plan and customise RACE lessons and NE Learning Journeys, to make them relevant and interesting based on the class profile and preference

Sharing the NE message with young friends
There are extensive opportunities for students to lead and initiate NE-related activities. The NE Council, consisting of student leaders, plays a crucial role in leading and running key college-wide activities. A key college-wide NE event is the ACJC NE Week, which is a week-long series of NE-related activities, which also include NE-infusion in Physical Education and General Paper. In addition, staff make a conscious effort to infuse NE into their lessons, and they also receive yearly training on relevant skills of infusing NE into both IP and non-IP areas. Also, to promote active citizenry, the student population is actively involved in initiating, planning and implementing VIA under the charge of the VIA committee, CCAs and form teachers. The College also designed a reading and reflection package called “Singaporean on the Move” to capture overseas experiences as a valuable form of learning.

Preparing to defend our nation