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All Round Excellence

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The Ministry of Education instituted the Masterplan of Awards in 1998 in conjunction with the School Excellence Model appraisal system, in order to focus on a holistic approach to school appraisal. The School Excellence Award is the highest award in the Masterplan of Awards, and recognises schools for their achievements in processes as well as outcomes. Anglo-Chinese Junior College is honoured to have been bestowed the School Excellence Award in 2011.

The education at ACJC is inspired by the vision to develop young people of noble Ambition and Character, for the Service of God and nation. The mission of an all-round education of the highest standards based on Christian principles and a consciousness of self, others and God, sets the college’s key directions, in alignment with the college values of integrity, tenacity and passion.

The college’s journey of excellence is based upon a culture of collaboration and innovation fostered by the school leadership. The principle of distributed leadership empowers middle managers and staff to envision an education that caters to 21st century learners and to experiment in designing pedagogies to enhance student engagement and learning.

All-Round Education
Envisioned by the school leaders, middle managers and staff, the college’s Framework for an All-Round Education outlines the seven domains of development for the ideal ACJC student in the areas of cognitive, physical, aesthetic, social, moral, emotional and leadership. To support the delivery of a holistic education, the college has formed two teams, the curriculum leaders and the co-curricular council, to enhance integration of academic and co-curricular development.

Instructional Programme
The instructional programme focuses on academic subject content acquisition and application. Within academic content subjects, specific relevant thinking tools are used to develop intellectual depth and higher order thinking. Enrichment programmes are also designed to provide authentic learning opportunities.  For example, students are provided with a diversity of specialised local and overseas opportunities to finesse higher order thinking skills and to gain adeptness in problem solving in authentic learning situations. The Humanities research symposia allow for self-selected and delineated areas of research and investigations in the Arts, Social Sciences and Aesthetics. International Science partnerships with overseas universities offer the opportunity to test scientific inquiry and curiosity in non-traditional and international situations. The English Language Elective Programme, Drama Elective Programme, Music Elective Programme and programmes hosted by the ACJC West Zone Centre of Excellence for Language Arts hone academic appetites for problem solving in diverse creative situations. The college’s I–Learn Independent learning programme refines metacogitive recognition of independent learning strategies and empowers learners to take control of their own intellectual growth and outcome.

Co-Curricular Programme (CCP)
Character and the development of soft skills are equally important to prepare students to make responsible moral choices as they navigate in an ever changing and dynamic world. The Character Development Framework emphasises the understanding and application of the college values through role-modelling, instruction in the classroom, participation in co-curricular activities, establishment of a moral culture and active engagement with parents and the community. This is to ensure that students develop sound character and demonstrate college values, social-emotional skills and active citizenry. The college’s comprehensive CCP provides students with a wide range of activities to complement their learning and development beyond the classroom. Across the CCP components of Community Involvement Programme, Co-Curricular Activities, Leadership and National Education, there is a tiered approach that encourages students to take ownership and move beyond mere participation to that of making a difference, and to excel.

Competent and Engaged Staff
The college places emphasis on professional development and teachers modeling collaborative and life-long learning. Key learning programmes in the form of in-house workshops, milestone courses, seminars, conferences, professional sharing, postgraduate studies and learning journeys are made available for staff development. The Professional Learning Community initiative presents the staff with greater opportunities for staff collaboration in multiple skill areas and a platform for pedagogical innovation, evaluation and sharing. Teachers form ‘Collaborative Learning & Inquiry in Practice’ teams to identify areas of need, collaborate and experiment in groups to build staff capacity and enhance student learning.
Looking to the future, the college aims to deliver an education that develops 21st century competencies, by building on existing platforms for developing independent and critical thinkers. The college’s collaborative culture of excellence will be a key driver of the strategies necessary for such an education. The college will also be working with overseas partner schools to enhance its programmes, and benchmark itself against world standards in education. The college aims to be a benchmark of excellence and a college of choice for students desiring an education that will develop and stretch their talents in multiple domains.