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Open House 2020

Our ACJC Open House was held on the 8th of January. Prospective students were invited to get a better understanding of the College and to experience various aspects of our community.

At the Academic Booths, prospective future ACSians had the opportunity to learn about various subjects and understand the purpose of learning and taking each subject. They also had the chance to consult and ask the teachers available at the booths for advice about their choice of subjects. Student volunteers were also extremely helpful as they fulfilled the role of explaining each subject thoroughly and in a friendly manner to future JC students.

In addition to learning about the College’s academics, CCAs from Clubs and Societies as well as the Performing Arts CCAs put up performances throughout the day to showcase the co-curricular side of the school.

The Debate and Oratorical Society put on a spectacular skit while the ACJC Dance Society held a captivating performance consisting of contemporary and jazz choreography. Students also had the chance to see ACsian Theatre perform, as the CCA put on a short dance recital for the students. Sporting exhibitions took place on the track, field and at the Sports Complex. In addition to these live demonstrations, all the CCAs had their booths displayed in the School Hall, displaying their trophies as well as information boards about the CCA.

We trust that Open House 2020 has given a clear view of our College to prospective students.

by Ang Hui Xian 2SB6 and S Samuel Paung 2SA3