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AC Celebrations 2020

As seconds passed and 8 am drew nearer, the seats in the hall began to fill up. Students rushed into the hall, just before assembly began. This day, however, was different from any other typical school day. There were no lessons, no lectures, and no tests. With everyone dressed in their red t-shirts, the mood for AC Celebrations was set. In the spirit of the festive season, the celebration started off with an appreciation for our teachers and the college staff an offering of oranges by some of our students. Next, the elderly residents of Ghim Moh were welcomed into the hall to join the celebration by our very own Chinese Orchestra.

Once everyone had settled down, the charismatic emcees began to ask the audience questions in relation to Chinese New Year and making puns from common Chinese New Year sayings, rousing laughter from the audience. Some of the questions included were ”What are the names of songs played “, “Why is ‘fu’ and ‘chun’ hung upside down” and “What are the names of the costumes that the emcees are wearing”.

Next, a series of performances kickstarted with the talented members of Guitar Ensemble playing two songs. The first song was Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran which resembled a romantic love song. The second song played was a traditional Chinese New Year song titled Gong Xi Gong Xi. Following Guitar Ensemble’s performance, a dazzling show put up by ACDance Society stole everyone’s attention. The spectacular performance really deserved the thunderous applause it received as the audience was fully intrigued by the dancers throughout their dance.

The Malay Cultural Society took the stage and entertained everyone with a puppet show. This included a skit which left all the students in fits of laughter. Famous TikTok references were made during the skit as well and were the highlight of the entire performance.

Next, the Indian Cultural Society and the Chinese Cultural Society took the stage, bringing us dances and songs that added to the festive mood in the hall. Afterwards, they surrendered the stage to ACsian Theatre which captured our hearts with their lively choreography and catchy song choice. Throughout all these performances, the emcees juggled between the roles of humorists and informants. There was not a time when the audience was bored. They held pop quizzes in between performances, providing incentives such as attractive gift prizes for participants which resulted in successful audience participation.

Following our AC tradition, the celebration ended with a mass singing led by teachers and the performing arts CCAs. In closing, our principal, Dr Chee, addressed us with a short and sweet message, thanking everyone for their hard work in preparing for this eventful day. Truly, it was an event that showed the AC spirit in full flight.

By Tasha Teong 2AA1