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AC Softball was introduced as a CCA in 2011.With the guidance of passionate coaches and support from the college, the team has succeeded in being the defending national champions ever since 2017. Softball is a challenging team sport, which demands its players to be physically and mentally trained. As a CCA, Softball allows students to experience fun yet challenging training sessions twice/thrice (during season) a week under the guidance of Coach Elaine Chua, and even participate in various tournaments such as the National School Games and Singapore Recreation Club’s softball carnival. Students will even get to experience an annual Softball camp where they get to not only bond with their teammates, but also further enrich their softball knowledge and experience.

More than just developing the players physical abilities, AC softball imparts core values of self-discipline and resilience. Players are able to learn and understand the importance of teamwork in a competitive situation through the game. Beyond just playing a sport, strong friendships with their teammates are forged as the whole team works together as one ACFamily. 

Here is what the Captain of AC Softball 2020, Stefani has to say about her ACExperience: 

“One of my highlights in AC has got to be our seasons when I was still in first year (2019). We trained so hard as a team and managed to remain as champs!! In the midst of all the college hardships such as studies and other commitments, softball has been a safe haven for me especially after long hours of school. all the time spent on the field, dinners after training, team bonding sessions during camps have definitely made the team an important part of my #whyac !! So if you're considering joining AC, you won't regret it because in my opinion I think it's the most balanced college life you can get. work hard, play hard!”

With the CCA motto: Citius, Eltius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger)

AC softball is the perfect opportunity for young women of resilience and grace to push their boundaries and challenge themselves.