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Technology Council

Technology Council is a place for people who are passionate about computer science and want to learn more about coding. We welcome those who want to access more resources to develop a deeper understanding of the software used in the technological driven world that we live in.

CCA sessions are twice a week and can be held online or offline. Hence CCA can go on even during HBL periods!

Activities conducted during meetings vary from tinkering with LEGO Mindstorms and experimenting with hardware like Arduino/Raspberry Pi, to learning new coding languages like Python and C++. We train and participate in competitions like the Canadian Coding Competition (CCC) and National Olympiad for Informatics (NOI). We also contribute to the Computing community by organizing workshops for the Building BloCS conference. In addition, we work on projects to learn new tools and build our portfolio.

We pride ourselves in being student driven, valuing the inputs of our members and taking their feedback into consideration when planning for the next project. All students, regardless of background, are welcome to join!

Interested students may email Teo_Qing_Ren@acjc.edu.sg to find out more about the CCA.