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Theatre Studies



The ACJC Drama Elective Programme allows students the opportunity to engage in the rigorous study of theatre history, tradition, convention and practice in a holistic school environment that values creativity and collaborative enterprise

Offered only at a H2 level, this programme creates opportunities for students to participate in small group teaching, master classes, studio lab practice, and be systematically trained in a core of professional performance, theatre and technical arts skills that are relevant in the 21st century workforce.

An ACJC DEP student is empowered to explore and develop an individual vision of the world, becoming enthusiastic collaborators and skilled craftsmen. Students will have various opportunities to practically translate their work with the repertory programme provided by ACSian Theatre, ACJC's prize winning theatre company. Dramatic Collaboration, interdisciplinary teaching and passionate theatrical creation lie at the heart of the ACJC DEP.

This course of study will
  • develop knowledge and understanding of, and critical thinking about theatre and drama in a variety of historical and cultural settings.
  • stimulate creative exploration of ideas and expressions of these ideas through dramatic forms and theatre conventions.
  • foster enjoyment of theatre and drama and so develop the affective, cognitive and aesthetic domains of 21st Century learning as well as personal and collaborative skills


Clinical and theatre practioners on the one hand and experienced alumni mentors on the other hand act as the twin pillars that support the work of the on- site teacher consultants at ACJC . This robust tripartite structure is part of the unique approach to the teaching of Theatre Studies and Drama at ACJC.

  • Introduction to World Theatre
  • Study of Theatrical Conventions
  • Seminar-style Discussion
  • Theatre Enrichment Field Trips
  • Voice Masterclasses
  • Movement Masterclasses
  • One-on-One Consultations
  • Progress and Feedback Reports
  • Journals and Scrapbooks
  • Live Demonstrations


Paper 1 – World Theatre and Drama (assessed in Nov, 40% weightage)
  • Classical Drama: Othello – William Shakespeare
  • Modern Drama: A Doll’s House – Henrik Ibsen
                                Fences – August Wilson

Paper 2 – Critical Commentary (assessed in May, 15% weightage)
  • 2500 word essay on Paper 3 assessed skill of choice

Paper 3 – Practicum (assessed in July, 45% weightage)
  • Individual Skill Component: Acting, Devised Performance, Devised Movement, Set Design, Costume and Make-up Design
  • Group Skill Component

The syllabus document for H2 Theatre Studies and Drama may be found at the following URL: