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Mother Tongue Languages and Literature

The H2 MTLL (Chinese Language and Literature, Malay Language and Literature and Tamil Language and Literature) programme at ACJC aims to nurture the language talent of students who have an aptitude for Mother Tongue Languages so that they can attain a higher level of language proficiency and enhanced appreciation of literature in their mother tongue. Students will study a variety of literature genres which include classical and modern prose, classical and modern poetry, theatrical works and novels. In addition, students will be taught the skills to appreciate authentic materials and to write different types of essays.

The respective H2 Mother Tongue Language and Literature subjects are assessed via 2 papers:

Paper 1, which is examined in a 3 hour paper, is the language component of the examination. This component of the paper is made up of two parts, namely Composition (Part 1) and language application (Part 2, Comprehension and Cloze Passage).

Paper 2, which is examined in a 3 hour paper, is the literature component of the examination. Students are required to complete 4 essays on prose, poetry, novel and theatrical works.

Students are required to obtain at least a B3 for Higher Mother Tongue subjects or A1 for Mother Tongue subjects at ‘O’ Level Examination, in order to study the subject.

The SEAB syllabus documents can be found here:

H2 Chinese Language and Literature

H2 Malay Language and Literature

H2 Tamil Language and Literature