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Further Mathematics



Mathematics at ACJC aims to provide students with enriching opportunities to acquire clear conceptual understanding of Mathematics, its processes and applications. The H2 Further Mathematics syllabus is designed for students who are mathematically-inclined and who intend to specialise in mathematics, sciences or engineering or disciplines with higher demand on mathematical skills. It extends and expands on the range of mathematics and statistics topics in H2 Mathematics and provides these students with a head start in learning a wider range of mathematical methods and tools that are useful for solving more complex problems in mathematics and statistics.

The teaching programme is designed to enable students to:
  • acquire a wider range of mathematical concepts and stronger set of mathematical skills for their tertiary studies in mathematics, sciences, engineering, and other related disciplines with a heavier demand on mathematics;
  • develop thinking, reasoning, communication and modelling skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving;
  • connect ideas within mathematics and apply mathematics in the contexts of sciences, engineering, and other related disciplines;
  • experience and appreciate the rigour and abstraction in the discipline.


As students’ capacity in Mathematics has to be developed from their knowledge and skills at the ‘O’ level to reach the advanced level expected at ‘A’ levels, student engagement in learning is a key factor. Students are expected to be disciplined and take responsibility for their own learning and improvement. On top of being prepared for all lectures and tutorials, timely revision materials are provided and solutions uploaded online before tests and examination for independent study by students. Students are required to be regular and consistent in handing in assigned work throughout their two years. Consultations and remedial sessions are conducted by teachers to meet the needs of individual students.


Students interested in offering Further Mathematics must sit for a Further Mathematics Proficiency Test during orientation. Only upon clearing the Proficiency Test will they be permitted to offer Further Mathematics. Subject combination restrictions apply to students offering Further Mathematics.

The topics covered in H2 Further Mathematics include Mathematical Induction, Complex Numbers, Polar Curves and Conic Sections, Calculus, Recurrence Relations, Matrices and Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods, Random Variables, Hypothesis Testing and Non-parametric Statistics.

The A Level Examination for H2 Further Mathematics comprises two 3 hour papers with about 10 to 12 questions each. In each paper, there will be at least two questions on the application of Mathematics in real-world contexts, including those from sciences and engineering. Each question will carry at least 12 marks and may require concepts and skills from more than one topic. Candidates will be expected to answer all questions.

The syllabus may be accessed on the SEAB website at the following URL