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Music Elective Programme

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Life as a MEP student in ACJC


Since 1997, ACJC MEP has aimed to develop students’ passion, sensorial abilities and creativity for music, to empower them to appreciate and participate in music at an advanced level.

The programme is designed to allow for:
  • Personal development of musical interests and strengths
  • Critical thinking and independent exploration
  • Dialogical meaning-making
  • Self-expression
  • Appreciation of Singapore’s cultural heritage and traditions


ACJC MEP focuses on three aspects of music: Listening, Performing and Music Writing.

Students explore a range of traditional and contemporary genres and styles as they discuss music-related issues and analyse music. As aural skills are developed, students gain an understanding of the distinctive characteristics of music cultures in Singapore and the world. This helps to lay the foundation for further study in music at the tertiary level.

There are also opportunities to engage in creative musical making and collaborations. Students’ solo and chamber performance skills are honed concurrently with the development of an informed personal interpretation of pieces in their repertoire. In Music Writing, a range of traditional and contemporary compositional styles are explored.

Students are also encouraged to satisfy their musical curiosity and develop their research skills in H3 Music as they embark on their independent H3 research under guidance of their supervising tutors.


At ACJC, students would offer both H2 and H3 Music. H2 Music comprises a written paper, a recital and a Music Writing portfolio. Students may choose to major in either Paper 2 (Performance) or Paper 3 (Music Writing). For H3 Music, students conduct individual Research projects to explore a topic of their choice.

The syllabus documents for H2 and H3 Music may be found at the following URLs


Beyond classroom learning, students are exposed to a wide-range of enrichment activities, including lectures, masterclasses and workshops with local and international professors and practitioners. The programme offers many platforms for musical expression, ranging from regular in-house recitals to public performances. Outstanding students in the field of performance have opportunities to be featured as a concerto-soloist, while aspiring young composers may have their original works premiered at concerts.

One unique ACJC MEP-xperience is our annual recital @artikulation, where present and past students of the programme come together to present an evening of solo and chamber music. Through this musical interaction, students are able to relate with and gain value musical insights from their peers and seniors.

Over the years, the programme has groomed many students to continue their pursuit of music in both local and overseas conservatoires and universities. Many of our alumni have been awarded scholarships and bursaries in their respective universities.


In ACJC MEP, we firmly believe in encouraging and motivating our students in their pursuit of excellence in the field of music. As such, MEP students who have shown great potential and achievement in the different domains of the studies are eligible for various scholarships and awards at JC1 and JC2.