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Leadership Development Programme

We believe that all students have leadership potential. Given the proper training and opportunities, every ACJC student can maximize their leadership potential and develop into outstanding leaders.

Our approach to leadership development includes providing formal and informal leadership training as well as leadership opportunities for experiential learning.

Through our leadership development programme, we strive to develop in our students leadership skills that they can use to help themselves and others throughout their lives.


  • To develop our students to be effective leaders and active citizens via leadership training and opportunities that are congruent with the college mission and values.
  • To provide training and experiential learning opportunities to equip our students with desired leadership skills while emphasizing character development, so that they will serve and make valuable contributions to society.
  • To recognise and reward students for their leadership contributions to the college and community.



Our approach to leadership development consists of two main components:

I. Formal Leadership Training
    A. Basic leadership modules for all JC 1 students
    B. Elective leadership modules for all students
    C. Compulsory core leadership modules for all student leaders

II. Leadership Development Opportunities
    A. Internal
    Formal CCA leadership appointments
    CCA specific enrichment programmes
    College activities/events

    B. External
    Cluster workshops/activities
    CIP – local and overseas