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Pastoral Care and Counselling

The joy of learning stems from a conducive environment that encourages and nurtures. In ACJC, the Pastoral Care Team comprising of Teacher Counsellors and Full-time School Counsellor are committed to working with teachers and parents to provide our students with the pastoral support needed to enrich their social, emotional and academic development. The heart of our mission is to help students take ownership of their learning in order to chart and realize their personal and academic aspirations.


The development of character underscores the ACJC philosophy of education. We are a community that cherishes integrity, tenacity and passion; we imbue our young men and women with self-awareness, sturdiness in resolve and commitment, and give ample opportunities to live out these standards in the daily rigours of a student’s experience.
We are proud to have built this ACJC family of friendships and loyalties. It is made of the hearts and strength of both staff and students, all dedicated to this vital goal: Nurturing the young person who grows in both wisdom and stature among peers and in wider society.