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H1 Biology (Syllabus 8876)

H1 Biology at ACJC aims to instil in students a broad sense of appreciation and awe for the biological nature and for them to use their biological knowledge in their everyday life.

We envision each H1 biology student to develop their interest in biology and build the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be scientifically literate, and to be ready for the challenges of the 21st century; to develop in the understanding, skills, ethics and attitudes relevant to the Practices of Science; and to be able to address the broader questions of what life is and how life is sustained.

The syllabus is divided into two parts, the core syllabus and the extension topic. The core syllabus explores the workings of life in the areas of cellular functions, cellular physiology and biochemistry, DNA and genomics, genetics of inheritance, stem cells as well as evolution. The extension topic comprises of Climate Change. Details on the syllabus and assessment can be found in the SEAB syllabus.

Specific subject requirements apply.

The syllabus document can be downloaded here: