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Direct School Admission Junior College (DSA-JC) Exercise 2020

Anglo-Chinese Junior College welcomes students with outstanding talent in Sport, the Performing Arts, and Debates to apply for Direct School Admission. ACJC firmly believes in holistic education and aims to provide an excellent environment which nurtures your abilities and enables you to reach your fullest potential. We warmly invite you to join our family of multi-talented students to hone your sporting and artistic talents.  
Successful applicants will gain admission into ACJC in 2021 for their JC education as long as they qualify for the two-year Junior College course based on their GCE 'O' Level examination results. The detailed criteria can be found on the Ministry of Education’s website.
Please direct all queries on the DSA(JC) Exercise to acjc@acjc.edu.sg.

DSA(JC) Exercise 2020

Students who meet the eligibility criteria for the following SPORTS, PERFORMING ARTS and DEBATES are invited to apply for DSA into ACJC:


Basketball (Boys)
Floorball (Boys)
Football (Boys)
Golf (Boys)
Hockey (Girls)
Rugby (Boys)
Softball (Girls)
Ten-Pin Bowling
Track & Field
Waterpolo (Boys)

DSA Sports Eligibility Criteria 2020 

Concert Band

Selection Criteria Band (Concert) 2020



Selection Criteria Choir 2020


String Ensemble

Selection Criteria Ensemble (Strings) 2020


Modern Dance

Selection Criteria Dance (Modern) 2020



Selection Criteria Theatre 2020



Selection Criteria Debates (English) 2020


Please submit your application via the links below:

Performing Arts & Debates DSA Application 2020


Please do not submit applications for CCAs other than the ones above as they will not be considered.

Application Procedures

All applications will be online via the link on our College website.

Students who have submitted applications during Phase 1 but are not offered a place need not submit new applications for Phase 2 as all applications will automatically be considered for both phases.

Submission Deadline

To give candidates adequate time to prepare for the DSA Selection process, it is strongly recommended that all applications are submitted well in advance of the official deadlines: 

DSA Phase 1:     4 August 2020
DSA Phase 2:   28 August 2020

Please note that the DSA Selection process are by invitation only, based on applications submitted by candidates. There will not be open trials/auditions.

Results of DSA Applications

ACJC Applicants will know the outcome of their DSA application (only successful applicants will be notified) by the following dates:

DSA Phase 1:   11 August 2020
DSA Phase 2:     4 September 2020

Acceptance of DSA Offer

Successful applicants must accept the DSA offer by emailing the completed acceptance forms to ACJC within the following period as set out by MOE:

DSA Phase 1:   12 - 14 August 2020
DSA Phase 2:     7 - 10 September 2020


Specific details on ACJC's DSA-JC requirements can be found in the respective CCA eligibility criteria, and in the online application form.

Alternatively, you may like to contact us at acjc@acjc.edu.sg should you have further enquiries.