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ACJC40 Homecoming

ACJC first opened its campus to students in 1977. This year we celebrate 40 years of God’s faithfulness to the College as it has grown from strength to strength. 

We would like to thank all who joined us on 13 May 2017, and all who made the Homecoming a success!

To God be the Glory! The Best is Yet to Be!
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ACJC Clock Tower Restoration Project

ACJC_1977_Side_1 CROPPED.jpg
Clock towers have a special significance for Anglo-Chinese School (ACS).

When Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) first opened at Dover Close East in 1977, the façade of its main building was crown by a Clock Tower that was intended to echo the iconic Clock Tower at the ACS Barker Road campus as a visible reminder of the ACS legacy.   What is special about the ACJC Clock Tower is that it had a digital clock.  Many of the early cohorts of ACJC still hold fond memories of the clock itself, and its chimes.

The original 1970s clock mechanism broke down completely at some point in the early 1990s, and has remained non-functional since then. 

As ACJC celebrates our 40th year of establishment as a junior college within the ACS family, we would like to see the Clock Tower work again, to recall how it embodied the visionary outlook of the College at its inception, and for it to be an icon of the College for the future, as we begin a new era for the next 40 years and beyond.

ACJC invites our alumni and well-wishers to be a part of this restoration project.  The cost of installing new LED panels for the digital clock is estimated to be $120,000.  What matters more than the amount is that every cohort is represented in the fund raising effort, so that the all the 42 cohorts of ACJC students, past and present, will have a deep connection to this iconic structure.  It is also a “gift” to future generations of ACSians in ACJC, to remind them of the ACS tradition of paying it forward and investing in future cohorts.  

If you wish to donate to this project, please address your cheques to “Anglo-Chinese Junior College” and write “ACJC Clock Tower” on the reverse, together with your year of graduation. For cash donations, please place in an envelope marked as above and submit by hand to the General Office. 

Our address is:

Anglo-Chinese Junior College
25 Dover Close East
Singapore 139745

ACJC will issue tax-exempt receipts for all donations of $100 and above. Please include your full name (as in NRIC), NRIC number, and home address for this purpose.

Well-wishers who are not alumni of the College are also welcomed to contribute and to pledge your donation in support of a particular cohort. For example, parents can indicate their child’s year of graduation for their donation to be acknowledged.

Thank you for your generous support.

To God be the Glory! The Best Is Yet To Be!

ACJC40 Photo Gallery

Reminisce about the past with these photos from the College's history: