ACJC Celebrates the Class of 2016!
ACJC is proud to announce that the class of 2016 has achieved excellent results and set new benchmarks for their juniors in overall passes, distinctions and mean A-level points.

ACSian Theatre's 2016 Season
From a reimagination of Wildean drama, to a kinetic interpretation of the Odyssey, to the centre of Asia, ACSian Theatre invites you to take a retrospective look at our dazzling 2016 season...

The Frozen Heart
ACSian Theatre brings us through a winter wonderland...

Mayflower Debate Masterclass
ACJC's Debaters spend some time training the next generation...

National Science Experiment 2016
The College does its part in crowdsourcing Big Data...

AC Volleyball
The ACJC volleyball teams do us proud in 2016

ACSian Theatre embarks on a Values in Action project to raise funds for schoolchildren's meals...




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