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The Frozen Heart

On the 25th and 26th of November, ACSian Theatre presented ‘The Frozen Heart’, a rendition of ‘The Snow Queen’, a timeless tale by world renowned fairytale author, Hans Christian Anderson. 
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The cast brought members of the audience on a magical journey as they follow Gerda, a simple town girl armed with nothing but a magic flute and her love for her childhood best friend, Kai, on a journey to save him from the evil Snow Queen’s captivity. The story explores the themes of love, friendship and salvation through a combination of acting and dancing. 
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This being the first major show for most of the actors, with minimal prior acting experience, posed a huge challenge that the cast masterfully overcame to put on a great show on both nights. The dramatic storytelling was enhanced through the illusion of a snowscape created by the crew and costumers. 
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This show could not have been possible without the rest of the JC1 club members, DSAs and interns from Mayflower Secondary School’s Drama Club. We would like to thank our teachers for their tireless effort in training us and guiding throughout this invaluable experience. We would also like to thank the audience for their unwavering support and coming on this journey with us. For gracing us with your presence, we are beyond thankful! 

To catch ACSian Theatre in action once more, do look out for “Animal Farm” in April 2017. We hope to see you there! 

Ng Jia Le, 2SB3
ACSian Theatre