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LTA Transport Ambassador Programme

ACJC has partnered the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in their Transport Ambassador Programme to develop our students’ awareness in managing urban transport needs. The annual student engagement programme also introduces participants to a career in the land transport industry as they work under the mentorship of LTA officers to design transport-related projects to benefit the community.

ACJC’s freshly appointed transport ambassadors with LTA’s management team

On 24 July 2017, our 14 transport ambassadors joined their peers from other educational institutions at a training session where they first met their LTA mentors. Thereafter, they were officially appointed to their roles by Dr Chuai Chip Tiong, Chief of LTA’s Quality Service Manager Office.

A group of ACJC transport ambassadors meeting their LTA mentor during the training session

To better understand the operations behind managing and maintaining fleets of trains and buses, our transport ambassadors attended LTA’s learning journeys to Kim Chuan Depot and Bulim Bus Depot. Access to these high-security facilities were highlights for our student ambassadors, as they are usually inaccessible to public.
On 14 September 2017, the learning journey to Kim Chuan Depot began with our transport ambassadors boarding a specially chartered train at Paya Lebar station. After switching tracks en route, the train brought them to the world's largest underground train depot.
A SMRT engineer briefing the transport ambassadors before boarding the train to Kim Chuan Depot

Upon the train’s arrival at the maintenance bay, Jaye Wong (1SC1) had the exclusive opportunity of activating the emergency detrainment ramp for all participants to exit the train. After attending a guided tour of Kim Chuan Depot and a corporate presentation about SMRT Corporation, Jaye excitedly shared her positive experience: “It’s a rare opportunity for me to have the first-hand experience of seeing what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that train commuters have a safe and comfortable ride.”
On 18 September 2017, our students attended their second learning journey to Bulim Bus Depot where they were introduced to Tower Transit’s history and role in providing bus transportation services. After a guided tour to the spare parts station, secret testing facility and bus maintenance area, our transport ambassadors boarded a bus to observe the refuelling and automated washing processes.

A Tower Transit engineer explaining to our transport ambassadors about spare parts for buses

Moving forward, our transport ambassadors are working in groups with their LTA mentors to develop infrastructural enhancement or public education projects to promote a culture of ‘Walk, Cycle, Ride’ in Singapore and move our nation towards the vision of a ‘car-lite’ society. The projects are expected to be completed by end January 2018.
Mervyn Sek, Head of Department (PW & VIA)