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Animal Farm

From the 6-8th of April, ACSian Theatre perfomed a rendition George Orwell’s classic political text, Animal Farm. The cast aimed to convey Orwell’s important message of free choice, and the consequences of unknowingly giving up our rights to a dictatorship. 


Through the collective efforts of the cast, crew and costumers, dynamic choreography and ensemble energy, the club captured Orwell’s powerful text and enthralled the audience members of various ages throughout the two-hour show. With this being the last production of the batch of 2017, we would like to thank all our audience members for your unwavering support for our shows, for without any of you our shows would just be another rehearsal. We would also like to thank our teachers, Mrs. Geetha Creffield, Ms Michelle Wong, Mr Joel Chin, Mr Tobias Teo, Mdm Baljeet Kaur and Ms Low Tze Hui, and our choreographer Mr. Lee Mun Wai for their unwavering support and guidance through out this production. 


As the batch of 2017 ends their journey, the batch of 2018 will be stepping up as the next generation of ACSian Theatre. Do look out for their first ever production The Day I Met The Prince in July! 

To God be the Glory, The Best is Yet to Be. 

Ng Jia Le
President of ACSian Theatre