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National Science Experiment 2016

ACJCs science students took part in the National Science Experiment (NSE) from 18 to 21 July 2016. 


Science on Campus

This experiment is an island-wide outdoor science experiment carried out by Singapore students to track their carbon footprint, travel mobility patterns, and the amount of time they spend indoors and outdoors. The experiment involves Singapore students carrying a specially designed sensor to collect data on their daily travel as well as data from the environment. 
This data is transferred wirelessly to a central online portal from which these students (and their teachers) can log in to view the results, including the aggregated data of students from all over Singapore who are taking part.
Through this experiment, students learn about the Internet of Things and Big Data as the portal will provide the knowledge and tools to teach them to read and analyse the information, create graphs, interpret visualisations, and compare trends.
tracking 2.jpg

Data analysis in the canteen

“I've had a great time taking part where i could track data such as pressure and humidity which was interesting to analyse on the NSE website. I would carry it around me everywhere and compare the data with my friends to find out who did better in areas such as number of steps. I think such programmes are meaningful to participate in and it can bring about more interest in experimentation among students and more of such programmes should be done in future.” – Rishabh, 1SC1 

More information is available at the NSE's website.