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National Schools Canoeing Championships 2016


 The ACJC Canoeing Team


From 11th April to 14th April 2016, the ACJC Canoeing team competed in the National Schools Canoeing Championship, held at Macritchie Reservoir.  Both the Boys’ team and the Girls’ team faced tough competition throughout the event but persevered through their heats and finals.  After four intense days of competition, our Girls’ team clinched the overall 2nd runners-up position. Competition proved to be stiffer for the Boys’ team but they returned with a commendable overall 5th position.


 K4 Boys at the end of their race


The K4 boys fought with the best of their abilities and attained two bronze medals in the K4-500m and K4-1000m event. The K4 boys are Casey Goh from 2SA3, Chan Weiyan from 2SC2, Chong Xuan Ming from 2SC3, and our Boys’ team captain Ku Jia Yang from 2SC2.

The Girls’ team took medals in six different events. In the K1-500 and K1-1000m finals, Demi Lee from 1SC6 clinched the 4th position. In the K2-500m event, Jan Tan from 2SA6 and Chew Jia Ying from 1SA6 clinched the silver medal. They also clinched the bronze medal in the K2-1000m event.


 K2 girls in action


For the girls K4 event, the team clinched bronze in both the K4-500m and K4-1000m. The K4 girls are Jasmine Choo from 1AA1, Koh Raelene from 1SC1, Nur Adlyn from 2AD3 and our Girls’ team captain Jessmine Ng from 2AA3.


 The K4 girls after placing 3rd in the K4 500m and 1000m finals
The canoeing journey has no doubt been an arduous one filled with blood, sweat, and tears, but for what canoeing has taken from the team, it has given us so much more in return. Joining the canoeing team was not just joining a CCA in ACJC, it was joining a family. The team would like to extend our sincere thanks to our coach, teachers and supporters for their unending care and encouragement throughout this unforgettable journey.

To God be the Glory! The Best is yet to Be!

By Jessmine Ng 2AA3