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Health Week 2015

This year, ACJCs annual Health Week was held from 6th to 10th April 2015. Organised by the class of 1SC1, this programme was held in support of SG50 ACtS, a yearlong project by the 6 Anglo-Chinese Schools to carry out a total of 50 acts of service to the community.

The focus of this year’s Health Week was dietary health and stress management. The class of 1SC1 organised a gamut of fun-filled activities for Health Week, in the belief that healthy living can be made fun and light hearted.


Leading the way towards a healthier diet

On Monday, a campaign for healthier eating options was launched to kick start Health Week 2015. Throughout the week, brown rice was made available as an alternative to white rice at Taste of the Orient while the fruit stall created a blend of watermelon and lime juice, named Health Potion. The ACJC community enthusiastically took up these healthy options as both stalls reported good sales of more than 10 kilograms of brown rice and 300 cups of Health Potion during the week. Brown rice proved to have such a steady demand among ACSians that our canteen vendor has decided to continue providing it after Health Week!

Salads were also added to the healthier dietary option on Tuesday and Wednesday. Salad Affaire, a salad stall from Singapore Polytechnic’s canteen was invited to set up a booth Can Deck to sell salads and oats to the ACJC community. On Wednesday, ACJC was blessed to have Aunty Blossom of the Parents Action Team (PAT) conduct a Salad Making Workshop. Participants learnt to make a healthy and nutritious soba salad, consisting healthy ingredients like chicken, broccoli and soba.


Dancing away our stress

Several strategies for handling stress were also introduced to the college during Health Week. A room was set aside for Aromatherapy on Monday, where students and teachers relaxed to soothing classical music and an essential oil blend that perfumed the room. Tuesday was filled with ebullient activities such as a Zumba dance class. Students danced to pop songs such as Uptown Funk and Jai Ho. This fun filled dance was repeated on Thursday due to popular demand.  


Reaching out for a healthier community

Health Week culminated with a community outreach project to Dover estate on Friday. We put our values in action as we conveyed the basics of healthy eating to 20 selected elderly residents living in Dover. We also provided the residents with healthier substitutes to their daily necessities. In our conversations with the elderly residents, we were equally blessed to gain invaluable life lessons and insights from them.

Health Week 2015 could not have been possible without the unwavering support of the Principal and Vice-Principals, the Values In Action (VIA) committee, the PAT, Dover Community Centre, Salad Affaire, 1SC1 form tutors and all members of the school who partook in our initiatives. We are honoured by the opportunity to organise Health Week and thankful for the participation from the ACJC community.

Health Week 2015 – Eat Well, Live Well, All’s Well!

Written by Marcus Tan (1SC1)

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