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ACJC Celebrates the Class of 2014

2104 A Lvl Group.jpgThe Class of 2014 celebrating their excellent results.

As part of the unique and exceptional all-round education offered at Anglo-Chinese Junior College, we aim for our students to have a broad range of knowledge and skills, yet to couple this with depth - individually pursuing and developing what we call a distinguishing excellence, which makes them unique in their own distinctive ways.

Our students have indeed distinguished themselves. They have constantly surpassed themselves on the playing field, and in performance, in clubs and societies, in community service and academics. At the culmination of their time in the College we are proud of each and every one of them.

ACJC is delighted to announce that the Class of 2014 has achieved excellent results and set new benchmarks for their juniors! This is the 8th cohort taking the revised curriculum where all candidates offer at least 7 subjects comprising 3 H2 and 1 H1 content-based subjects of which at least one must be a contrasting subject, in addition to H1 General Paper (GP) or H2 Knowledge and Inquiry (KI), Project Work (PW) and Mother Tongue Language. 

With regard to quality of performance, the Class of 2014 has performed extremely well surpassing previous cohorts in terms of distinctions obtained in H1, H2 and H3 subjects.  

Champions of our Mission
The College’s mission is to provide an all-round education of the highest standards, based on Christian principles, and a consciousness of self, others, and God. We are proud to be able to showcase students who, through their all-rounded achievements, are truly champions of our mission.

The first of these is Miriam Yeo Sze En from 2AH. Miriam is a true champion of ACJC’s all-round education, with outstanding achievements in academics, performing arts and sports. In addition to her stellar A-level results, Miriam is a lover of choral music, and performed with the college’s SYF Distinction choir throughout her two years including their annual Evening with Friends concerts. She also represented the College as a part of the Track and Field team, a new interest she pursued, competing as a 400m sprinter and relay runner for both the 4x100m and 4x400m relays at the National Schools ‘A’ Division Track and Field Championships 2014. Besides the heavy commitment of both CCAs, Miriam did not give up her love of dance, achieving a Distinction in her Grade 8 Ballet examinations in 2014. Miriam’s passion for service and heart for those around her can be seen in her involvement in her church’s worship team and volunteering for the YOUth Care @ PAYM to care for the children in community centres. In recognition of her exemplary character and acts of service, she was one of the 2014 Edusave Character Award recipients.

Another student who truly champions the College mission is Ip Chui Yee, Sabrina. Sabrina is an all-rounder, pursuing interests beyond her studies, in the areas of aesthetics and physical development. Sabrina was a dedicated member of the ACJC Guitar Ensemble (ACGE) where she was elected as a section leader and took part in the 2013 Singapore Youth Festival (Guitar Category), in which ACGE was awarded a Certificate of Distinction. Sabrina also performed in ACGE’s annual concert, Glissando, in both 2013 and 2014. Additionally, Sabrina is a passionate exponent of Taekwondo. Having achieved a Black Belt in 2010, she represented ACJC in the 2013 National Inter-School Taekwondo ‘A’ Division Championships. Sabrina is also enthusiastic about serving the community. She was part of a four-person team under the Adopt-A-Rental-Block scheme where she was tasked to purchase basic necessities for a family. Sabrina also participated in a class-initiated Values-in-Action project to bring a group of children from the Infant Jesus Homes and Children’s Centres to the Singapore Discovery Centre.

President of the 38th Students’ Council and Valedictorian of the Class of 2014, Claire Lois Carter Rui En was at the helm of all the major College and Council events. She was the bridge between the senior administration and the student body, proposing ideas and discussing pertinent issues.  Her term as President was marked by wholehearted dedication, humour, charisma, passion, humility, empathy and care. A Humanities Scholar, Claire is an assiduous learner and was among the top students in the Promotional Examinations 2013. She put her shoulder to the plough and pushed through some tough times in 2014, keeping her focus and faith in working through the skills and content she needed to cover. She was not afraid to ask questions and spoke with candour in her quest to clarify concepts in class. She has an extensive love for people and service and accepts people as they are, drawing out their strengths, synergising groups of people together for a common purpose, speaking the truth in love and inspiring others to be their better selves. She took the lead in her class’s trip to Vietnam in December 2013 where she was instrumental in galvanising the class in a variety of Values-In-Action projects, bringing her usual brand of humour, resourcefulness, enterprise and the genuine love for people that she has consistently brought to all the activities and tasks she has undertaken in the college. For her service and dedication, she is also the recipient of the Edusave Character Award.

Another champion of the College mission is Benjamin Ong Ming Yi. Well-liked by his teachers and peers, Benjamin often lent a helping hand to his fellow schoolmates in both academic and personal matters. Benjamin never backed down from the opportunity to grow and fulfil his leadership potential taking up the role of Assistant Class Representative in 2013 and 2014 and serving as the Vice-Captain of Lee Seng Gee (LSG) House. Benjamin was the Vice-Captain of the Rugby Team and combined strength, agility and speed as a winger. He was an integral member of the team which took the Plate Championships in the Police Cup for the National Schools ‘A’ Division Rugby Championships in 2013 and 2014, and a 3rd placing in the Standard Chartered Bank’s Under18 7-aside tournament in 2013. He was selected to join the Singapore Schools Under18 team to take part in the National Tertiary Rugby Tournament where they emerged as Champions. Benjamin was also a part of the College’s Track Team which took home gold and silver medals for the 4x200m and 4x100m relays at the Singapore Press Holdings Schools Relay Championships. His passion for sports is matched by his commitment to serve the community. He was the Assistant Camp Commandant in his class-initiated camp for needy children called Camp Ulu Pandan, and went on an Overseas CIP trip to Khon Kaen, Thailand where he led his team in conducting interactive English lessons for children in a local school and helped to build a road in the nearby village. He responded to another call in his church to serve on a mission trip to Nanis in Batam, Indonesia in 2014, working with children and youths once more.

As Vice-President of the College’s Media and Resource Crew, and also affectionately known as ‘Mr MRC’, Samuel Lai Chang En led his team in rendering technical assistance for all school events. From daily morning assemblies to large-scale events such as the ACJC Fun-O-Rama Carnival, Samuel demonstrated superb organization and people management skills throughout his term in office. Samuel was placed consistently among the top students for all major school examinations. He was the Top Science Student at the JC1 Promotional Examinations and took home the Bronze award at the 2013 Singapore Chemistry Olympiad. He also represented ACJC at the Straits Times Current Affairs Quiz and reached the semi-finals. He attributes his success in ACJC to the warm family atmosphere present in the college. As Samuel says, “ACJC offered me an environment where I felt safe to be myself…” The support from teachers and peers in ACJC has helped Samuel to attain his exceptional academic and CCA achievements.

Celebrating our Values

Our College values are integrity, tenacity and passion, and we celebrate our students who strive to live these values. In particular, we would like to highlight one of our Courage Awardees from 2014. Juniper Thang Wenbin of 2SC3 has done well at the A-levels after displaying strength and perseverance amidst adversity. In 2013, Juniper’s father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away just before her term exams in March 2014. During this trying period, her time and energy were split between college activities, hospital visits and household chores. Despite the loss of her father, Juniper displayed tenacity, remaining diligent in her studies and cheerful when interacting with peers. She further exemplified integrity and passion as she did not shy away from her responsibilities as President of the Harp Ensemble, project leader of an overseas community involvement project, student, friend, and daughter. Juniper has consistently been a role model, and we are confident that she will be an inspiration to all students facing difficult circumstances in their lives. 

The College would like to congratulate the Class of 2014, and deeply appreciates the efforts and prayers of the students, staff, parents and stakeholders, who have steadfastly stood the course.

Most of all, we give thanks to God, without whom none of this would have been possible.

To God Be the Glory! The Best Is Yet To Be!