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Anglo-Chinese Junior College 2012 GCE A-Level Highlights of Results


On 1 March 2013, ACJC saw the release of the GCE A-Level results for the 2012 batch of graduates. This is the 6th cohort taking the revised curriculum where all candidates offer at least 7 subjects comprising 3 H2 and 1 H1 content-based subjects of which at least one must be a contrasting subject, H1 General Paper (GP), or H2 Knowledge and Inquiry (KI), Project Work (PW) and H1 Mother Tongue Language.

A-Level Subjects
ACJC is proud to announce that the Class of 2012 has achieved outstanding results, continuing the College’s tradition of excellence in all-round education, living out our motto of “The Best Is Yet To Be”.

Based on the MOE indicator of “percentage of candidates obtaining at least 3 H2 passes, with a pass in GP or KI”, 94.3% of our 801 students achieved this, surpassing the national standard of 90.6%.

The College is delighted that 204 of our students, or 25.2%, obtained 3 distinctions or more for their H2 subjects.

H1/H2/H3 Subjects
Of the subjects offered at the H2 level, 12 subjects obtained 100% passes. 15 of the 16 H2 subjects had percentage passes at or above the national average while 9 H2 subjects had percentage distinctions above the national average.

Out of the 13 subjects offered at H1 level including Project Work, 9 subjects had percentage passes at or above national average while 8 H1 subjects had percentage distinctions at or above the national average.

The students who offered H3 subjects also performed well. H3 subjects are only offered to the brightest students in Singapore. Of the 16 subjects offered at H3 level, 8 subjects had percentage distinctions at or above the national average.

Students’ Achievements
The 2012 cohort performed extremely well at the GCE A-level examinations. For the first time in the College’s history, a student has achieved 9 distinctions at the A-Levels. In addition, there are 2 students with 8 distinctions, 10 students with 7 distinctions, 48 students with 6 distinctions, 78 students with 5 distinctions, 58 with 4 distinctions and 7 students with 3 distinctions.

The College would like to congratulate the Class of 2012, who have shown integrity, tenacity and passion in all that they undertook during their 2 years in ACJC. The following young men and women in particular exemplify the holistic education provided by the College. Lim Han Yang Benjamen from 2SA2 is a young man who demonstrates a strong passion for the sciences, having presented research papers both locally and internationally. Benjamen also balances his academic pursuits with co-curricular activities as the Captain of the ACJC Chinese Chess Team, as well as volunteering as an alumni tutor in the A-Square Programme of Bukit Panjang Government High School.

Koh Wen Jie of 2SA3 demonstrated a passion for learning beyond the curriculum during his time in ACJC. He enjoys languages, and in addition to taking part in various oratorical and debating activities in both English and Chinese, took up Korean at the Daehan Korean Language Centre. A basketball enthusiast, Wen Jie was also a member of the College’s Basketball team that took part in the 2012 A-Division Championships. He also shared his love for basketball with underprivileged students through a CCA-based Values-In-Action project with the Salvation Army.

Gideon Chen from 2SA5 has a sterling academic record as an A*STAR JC Science Award recipient. He also has a deep interest in the community. He volunteered with the NUS Society’s ‘Groceries on Wheels’ project, delivering daily necessities to needy residents. He is also a good mentor, volunteering at his secondary school, Bukit Panjang Government High School to tutor students, as well volunteering at Yuhua Secondary to tutor students in English for the O-level oral examinations. He has also served as a mentor to primary school students in the Science and Mathematics Council’s ‘Little Professor’ enrichment camps.

Daniel Foo Ee Yeong of 2AA2 was an English Language Elective Scholar, and Vice-president of the Oratorical and Debating Society. In that capacity, he assisted in organising events such as the MOE-ACJC Intercollegiate Debating Championship and the Harry Elias Partnership LLP National Law Debates in 2012. For his outstanding contributions to his CCA, Daniel was awarded the Outstanding Service Award, and was placed on the Principal’s Honour Roll.

Isabel Chew-Lau from 2AH was an English Language Elective Scholar and a member of ACJC’s Cross Country Team. She took part in the National Inter-Schools ‘A’ Division Track and Field competition in 2011 and came in 8th in the Race-walking event. Isabel was also an Orientation Group Leader in 2012. Among other Values-In-Action activities, Isabel volunteered as a Game Master in the 2012 National Youth Envirolympics Challenge, in which she was responsible for instilling environmental awareness in youth participants.

Melissa Ho from 2AH is a student with a strong enthusiasm for Economics. In addition to taking an active part in the College’s Economics Symposium, she undertook an H3 in Game Theory and Competition conducted by SMU. A member of the ACJC Basketball team, she was responsible for team discipline and took her role very seriously. She was also actively involved in Values-In-Action activities such as an environmental clean-up at West Coast Park, and service at the Banyan Home.

Tan Hui Shan of 2AH was a very active member of the ACJC community in her 2 years. As someone with an interest in writing and international relations, she was a natural choice to lead her class in National Education programmes. She also took part in the Creative Arts Programme and the Hague International Model United Nations. As an Orientation Group Leader, she helped to integrate new students into the College community.
The College deeply appreciates the efforts and prayers of the students, staff and parents of the Class of 2012, and congratulates the students on their achievements.
Most of all, we give thanks to God, without whom none of these would have been possible.

To God Be the Glory! The Best Is Yet To Be !