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ACSian Theatre's The Crucible

From the 28th to the 30th of March, ACSian Theatre performed the timeless Arthur Miller play, The Crucible at ACJC’s Faith Centre for Performing Arts. 
Set in Salem, Massachusetts, The Crucible explored the delirium that witchcraft brought about in a Puritan society and the grave punishment that awaited all who were accused of associating with the Devil. It also revealed many insights on human nature and highlighted the moral struggle many may suffer in their attempt to uphold the truth. 

Undeniably, it was a challenge to take on an Arthur Miller classic but using an expressionist mode, text and beautifully crafted movement, the performance truly captured the intensity of the play.

It was indeed an enriching experience to have been able to work alongside J1’s, J2’s as well as experienced members of Alumni. ACSian Theatre would like to thank all who attended the play during the three nights, for your undying support and encouragement.
We would also like to thank our teachers Mrs Geetha Creffield, Miss Michelle Wong ,Mr Joel Chin, Ms Darell Tea, and Ms Debasee Ghosh for their tireless efforts and guidance throughout this incredible journey. 
To God be the Glory, the Best is Yet To Be. 
Sherie George
Publicity Officer
ACSian Theatre