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2015 Teachers' Day @ ACJC

Updated Sept 13, 2015

Thursday, 3rd Sept 2015: 

Weeks of planning and hours of cooking by a few dozen parents culminated in a frenzy at the Hub on Thursday, 3rd Sept 2016.

By 10:30 am, tables laden with beautifully set out specialty dishes were sitting under cheerful balloons (of course in school colours) and pretty banners awaiting the arrival of the guests of honour - the teachers and staff of ACJC.

It was noisy, busy and such a joy to see the teachers tucking into the food lovingly prepared by the parents. This is just a small token to show how much we, as parents, appreciate the patience, advise and friendship that the teachers offer our boys and girls in ACJC.

Happy Teachers' Day!

2015 Teach Day cake.jpg