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China Studies in English



China Studies in English is a multi-disciplinary subject which spans the geopolitical, economic and sociocultural aspects of China’s development since 1978, and aims to engage students to appreciate and think critically about China’s history, culture, society, economic and political situation and to be cognisant of larger global trends. In the long run, it seeks to enable students to potentially contribute in their own capacity to further Singapore-China interactions. By the end of this course, students will understand both the historical context that brought about these changes and the ongoing challenges which these changes create.

The analytical skills that students will acquire over the course of this subject enables students to be more keenly aware of global trends and appreciate the significance of current events. We believe that this will better equip students in their future course of study at the tertiary level.


Our programme is designed to develop students in the following key areas:

1. Content mastery and up-to-date understanding of issues in contemporary China through lectures and discussions of current events and issues. Through these discussions, students can be knowledgeable of the developments in China and sensitive to the thoughts and behaviour of the people of China; construct their own understanding of the issues and share their views; and possess an awareness of global issues and trends through the study of China’s relations with other countries and its growth as a regional and global power.

2. Teaching of essay writing and Case Study skills through which the content is be applied in writing. Students will be guided on how to write question-focused answers. Approaches to the Case Study will also be covered to equip students with the necessary skills to analyse information, evaluate issues, present clear and logical arguments; and make postulations on developments in contemporary China.

3. Interactive seminars where students will engage in discussions on question approaches and possible arguments. This allows students to take greater ownership of their learning.


H1 China Studies focuses on China’s transformation since 1978 and its future and is grounded upon an examination of two key issues facing contemporary China. This syllabus frames two key issues as follows:

  • State-society relations in China

  • China as a global power

The assessment for H1 China Studies consists of one written examination paper with a duration of 3 hours. The assessment modes comprise a compulsory case study with 3 sub-questions and 2 essay questions

The syllabus may be accessed from the SEAB website at the following link