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Exam Food Ministry (EFM)

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Sng Jen-Hwei, jensng@gmail.com

Cheong Wen-na, thecheongs@hotmail.com

As our students prepare for the year-end examinations, parents show their love and care for the students by providing nutritious meals to the students who stay back to study or seek consultations with their subject teachers.  Parents prepare or provide wholesome meals for some 300-400 students every evening from 25 Sept to 6 Oct 2017 (dates tbc), before our J2 students go for their study break.  Past students have testified to the difference EFM has made to their learning journey and studying for the A level examination. 

This meaningful tradition of providing meals is only possible with the combined hard work and efforts of many parents. Your strong support will certainly count towards the success of EFM 2017!